Running on empty full.

Cine. Fotografía. Pornografía y más que nada Belladonna. A veces en ese orden, y a veces no. A veces los tres cuatro al mismo tiempo y a veces ninguno.

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I’m freaking out I don’t usually reblog this stuff but this is like incredible


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The Great Wall of Vagina
Genial. Sencillamente genial.

(Non porn) Daily Belladonna.


Ahora es una señora. Ta’ bella igual

¡Juan J. Espinoza Portfolio cumple 3 años hoy!
EXXXOTICA Expo Miami Beach 2012 by TheEXXXOTICAExpo on Flickr.Great outfit
La mejor foto que he tomado de mi mamá.

Ms. 45 [Trailer] Returns to Theaters Dec 13th from Drafthouse Films on Vimeo.

Download two FREE tracks from the original soundtrack here:

Abel Ferrara’s (Bad Lieutenant, King Of New York) 1981 revenge thriller classic Ms. 45 follows a mute garment-district seamstress – played by the late model/actress/musician/screenwriter Zoë Lund – who after falling victim to multiple unspeakable assaults, ignites her one-woman homicidal rampage against New York City’s entire male population. Now remastered in HD from the original negative materials, Ms. 45 returns to theaters this December and debuts on DVD and Blu-ray uncut for the first time in North America.

Uno de mis personajes favoritos ever.

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The icon smoking a joint…

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Transgender Teenage Couple Transition Together (via The Huffington Post)

A pair of teenagers from Oklahoma might seem like your typical young couple, but their love story is unlike many others. The transgender couple actually transitioned together.

Just two years ago, Arin Andrews and Katie Hill hadn’t transitioned yet. The two had struggled with their identities throughout childhood; Hill had struggled with bullying. Then one day they met at a trans support group, after each had begun the transitioning process, and they fell in love.

Found this ridiculously sweet story today and wanted to share it with my followers.

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